Rabbi David Adatto

Rabbi David Adatto is the Rabbi of Kehillat Shaarey Yerushalayim

About Rabbi David Adatto:

Rabbi David Adatto is of Turkish descent and grew up in San Diego, California. After graduating high school, he attended Yeshiva University of Los Angeles where he earned his degree in Judaic Studies before attending the Shehebar Sephardic Center in Jerusalem where he received his rabbinical ordination and certificates. Rabbi David Adatto has lived in Los Angeles since 1991, has two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren.

He served a small community in Houston from 1986 -1991 and then returned to Los Angeles where he began teaching in Maimonides Academy, West Valley Hebrew Academy and served as Rabbi of a small Yerushalmi outreach center in Valley Village.

In 2003 Shaarey Yerushalayim completed building in Valley Village and Rabbi Adatto became the Founding Rabbi and Spiritual Leader. Since then the community has grown tremendously and has attracted many Israelis, many who were non-practicing but had grown with the Kehilah and eventually became Shomer Shabbat.

The synagogue features classes in Halacha every night between Minha and Arbit as well as Shabbat classes. During Seudah Shelishit, it is the members who give the Divrei Torah.

Rabbi Adatto feels his greatest challenge is finding a way to make the community members who come from Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Greece, Afghanistan and other Sephardic communities and cultures, feel comfortable in the synagogue. His goal is to continue to strengthen the Kehilah and integrate Israelis and American Sephardim into one Kehilah where they can co-exist, mingle and show mutual respect for each other.




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